How do you complete "Safe Harbor"?

I have looted everything I thought I needed at Fiskebäck gas station (where the mission marker is) but the mission is still active. What do you have to do to complete this mission? Do you have to have 100% completion for all loot in that town?

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It should end after you pick up the floppy disk in the truck. It’s behind the seat in the same mail truck that you find the .44 Magnus in.

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Thanks you’re a life saver! I forgot to open the door of that damn truck, I searched everywhere! :smiley:

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You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

We’re do you grab or start the mission from as I’ve already picked up the floppy disc through exploration?

Usually if u pick something up before you need it the game will reset it back there when u get the mission.

Just explore and as you explore different missions will start to pop up

First, welcome to the forum, @Doom.

Second, I don’t want to put you on a bum steer, but if I remember correctly, it starts in Tangekil (-4016.607, 3334.667), the small settlement east-northeast of Fiskeback. You need to find a note on a fridge to begin the quest.

Cheers a million Gents. You guys were right. Got it done.

Hi, there are supposed to be 3 weapons at fiskeback, I can only find the 2 (truck and police car), any idea where is the 3rd weapon?

@Welcome to the forum, @Planedev.

From my notes:

  • Fiskeback. Table near postal truck. - Worn HP5

I really need to start putting in more detail. :frowning:

Thanks Vasdema, I found it, not sure how I missed that gun.

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