How do you get the Apple Mystery mission to trigger?

I located Averholm Orchad on the map, but the mission doesn’t trigger.

Anyone know what you have to do, or is the trigger bugged?

Thanks :sunglasses:

You need to head to the place north of Boo, the isolated house where people first found the Apple murders. After heading there, itll activate after some time. If it doesnt then just relog and it should trigger.

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Thanks, will check that out. :sunglasses:

Nice one. Thanks for the hint.


Did you see the parallels to psycho mantis?
What did the murder write on the notes about you? (I hope there can be different answers)

Pros: doesn’t shoot badly, four hands is faster than two, seems to understand me?
Cons: Maybe not reliable, needs to be supervised

I loved how the sky changed when you reached the place to meet him. I went there at night, but the sky became even darker. Made me think of silent hill.

How did you decide? Did you finish his work or did you eat the apples? I choosed first, so I don’t know what happens if you just eat the apples.

It never activated for me idk why

Actually, any encounter with clues relating to the Apple Murderer will activate the mission after some time, not just in a single location. Bergrum ‘Vargen’, for example.

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