How do you "mark" enemies?

Hi everyone,

In the skill tree, the “Veteran Guerilla” skill grants you with extra XP when you “mark” enemies ; how do you mark them ? Thanks

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You use your binoculars! Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot, didn’t know that marked them ! So that has to do with the “spotting intel” skill and not the “enemy marking” skill right?

TBH I would have to be looking at the skill tree to know. But I know you can only have 1 specialization active so if you have other skills maxed out make sure you have the right one active.

Another mechanic people might not know about is when using your binoculars to identify what machine it is, you can zoom all the way in and it will tell you it’s health % of its armor. Good way to tell if you have ran from those robots before or not and whether or not to finish them off.

To get the bonus from Veteran Guerrilla (in Support II), and/or Designated Target (in Support I), you require Enemy Marking (in Support I).

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