How do you report a member

Please someone let me know but I need to do this so sm1 either give me the ability to for a short period of time and I wónt abuse it or if you can do it without a specific ability on the forum someone let me know

If you want to report some user to the Forum staff then click those 3 dots below a post, then click on a flag that appeared. Select appropriate option and send.

I meant report an account since the whole chat was removed

thanks anyways but its not exactly what I meant

In GZ forums, that depends on who you are reporting;

  • if he/she is a regular forum member then send a PM to moderator: @Zesiir or @boston_51
  • if he/she is a moderator then send a PM to admin: @SR_Carni

But be polite when contacting staff members.

source: Code of Conduct - Forums

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whos the lead moderator

There is no lead moderator in the forums. Only mods and admin.

whats that supposed to mean then?

It means as what it says it means.

Forum Code of Conduct was created in advance of actual forum creation and at that time, it was planned for the forums to have lead/senior mod as well. Why it didn’t realized - that i don’t know.

Though, when to think about it, Carniv0re could be considered as lead moderator since our Community Manager is Pontus; @Avalanche_Pontus

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if you’re worried that a member’s behavior is negatively affecting this forum or its members, you can also DM us and describe the situations! We’ll be happy to have a look at the logs and take necessary action. Thanks for helping to keep this a safe and friendly place!


I’ve been talking to Pontus thnx I’ll be sure to talk to you if anything else happens :+1:t4: