How does the damage stat on weapons apply?

So I was wondering how the damage stat/attribute on weapons apply?

Is it an abstracted number representing damage over time, or is it a per ‘shot’ value or something else?

Just that we have oddities like the 5.56 powered AG5 having a higher ‘damage’ stat than the 7.62 powered AG4, which would only make sense if the stat was taking into account things like the much higher fire rate of the AG5?

I mean 5.56 NATO is putting ~1800J downrange while 7.62 NATO is putting ~3500J onto the target (almost double the energy), which just doesn’t grok with the observed output in-game?

Has anyone done any specific testing toward this?

I sure wish I had an answer for this :slight_smile: It’s a good topic. My only thought is that maybe it is related to DPM (damage minute) in which the AG5 could have a higher DPM because of the faster fire rate. However if we look at the .50 bmg, it has the damage line maxed out I believe. That counteracts the DPM theory…

I’d love some explanation on this.

Edit: maybe the .50 bmg doesn’t contradict the theory, it is semi-auto after all. That puts out serious DPM.

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When it comes to the assault rifles, this is my observation. I have no numbers to back this up, and it’s subjective to how I play the game. Your results (or opinions) may vary.

For me, the AG4 is generally ok and versatile, but not great at anything. It’s a bit slow on rate of fire, has a lot of recoil and is hard to control in full auto. But it seems to do the most single shot damage of the 3 rifles. In full auto, not a lot of your rounds hit their target, even at closer ranges. However, when equipped with a barrel extension, it seems to have decent range and when used with a scope in semi-auto, can be an effective short range marksman rifle. It can also take vision modules which is super helpful. I think that’s it’s strongest advantage overall.

The AI-76 is a beast. It has a high rate of fire and is more controllable in full auto than the AG4. It has a nice range with the barrel extension as well, but can only take the ACOG. so you don’t get vision module capability or magnified optics. This rifle delivers the most damage you can deal theoretically due to its high rate of fire, but still has a lot of recoil. There will be a lot stray rounds at longer ranges. It makes it less effective at medium to long range when used full auto. 3 round burst helps accuracy a at medium ranges somewhat. At close range, it tears anything up. Especially hunters.

The AG5 is a balanced gun. It fires a lower power cartridge that does significantly less damage per shot. But it’s got a really high rate of fire and is pretty easy to control on full auto compared to even the SMGs. This combined with higher velocity rounds makes it the most accurate medium-long range full auto weapon. So its DPS is actually fairly high due to shooting faster and more rounds landing, although not as much as what you can get at close range with the AI-76 where you can land all your shots.

When it comes to comparing in-game guns to the real world, the weapon stats in the game can take some liberties with reality. In real life a .50 cal AP can put a hole the size of a golf ball clean through an truck engine block 1 km away. In GZ, it won’t even dent runners or seekers unless you hit their weak points. I think the assault rifle stats make sense compared to each other and are somewhat realistic. I really have no issue with they way they’re currently balanced.