How Many Enemy Types

Just wondering if there will only be 4 enemy types or if there are more planned. What other types of hazards can we expect?

I’m really intrigued by this game and love Avalanche studios so looking forward to supporting you.

It looks to be only four at the moment, in m eyes. But who knows, alot can change after a closed beta (this I know from experience lol)

In some interviews and a stream they said that there would be more enemy types in the finished game, but they are keeping them secret for now.

We’ve shown four up to now, and that’ll be what you see in the beta. We have a bunch of others we are holding back so we still have interesting things to talk to you all about as we continue to work towards launch next year. :wink:


I’ve seen what my friend and I call the doggo-bots, the police-bots, spider-bots and the big boi. Although I found it interesting from a story/lore point of view (I adore this kind of post-apocalyptic scenario) to see different models of the doggobots in some storage containers on the beaches. Police and doggobots spawning around the big boi were also different from the kind you find early on. They are much more polished and sleek-looking.

I can imagine it in a dramatic film scene…

“These ones. These ones are different. They’re not like the others.”

They have only showed the four enemy types we know. But they said on stream that more is comming.

Currently the four bots you have seen are all that are available, more bot types will become available when the game is completely released. You can find lots of information on about what the plans for thr game are :slight_smile: