How many lock-pick doors are in game & is there a location map anywhere

lock-pick doors & safes, anything that uses lockpick, a map like a treasure map, x marks the spot

That’s almost like if you we’re asking for a map of crates.

Is there a map of the crates? Where!?


If you already used a skill point for the lock picking then I would advise making another character for a stronger character in combat that uses the skill points for better advantage of combating the machines. Then bring the locksmith character in to pick any locks you discover. The reason being is once all locks are picked, only a few are mission related, don’t yield much once all missions are done.

I just wanna have ALL doors & safes & anything that requires a lock-pick UNLOCKED, for 100% completion in that area, because once there UNLOCKED, they stay UNLOCKED forever, and no longer requires a lock-pick ever again

Just visit every location and you’ll find all of them.
Most are seen on the map.
I visited every grey box (structure) shown on the map plus every dead end of a street which looked like there’s something missing in the map. I walked or rode every street and checked all surroundings of locations.

I was in every single house or structure.

That’s how you unlock every door.

Just the mission ones stay unlocked. You will still find locks that reset to locked just like things in the game blow up and reset. But after all missions are done, you know what is behind door number one so no need to lose a skill point on your main character, use a sub character to unlock things.

I think it’s not losing a skill point as it is necessary for getting the salvage and the explosives expert skills.

ive combed the entire map before in search of ALL relay becons, pick-lock doors & one time pick-up weapons, it took at least a week for a full comb-over, but even doing that, im probably still missing something +_b946f72cd829e73db4bcc804d7ab48d9


Yes, that may be possible.
It’s a great world with many things to discover.
But hey, what is one week compared to the years we’re playing this game?