How many weapons are there in the BETA?

These are the ones I’ve seen:

Möller PP (the pistol)
Meusser Hunting rifle (light)
Älgstudsare Hunting rifle (heavy)
12G Pump Action (shotgun)
M/46 “Swedish K” (SMG)
MP5 (SMG) have not had this personally but seen others have it.
AK4 (the automatic rifle)
Carl Gustaf (rocket launcher)

I’ve seen some ammo which I can’t use of any of the weapons above, have anyone of you guys seen the weapons meant for the ammo?

9mm FMj
.50 CAL ap
5.56 AP rounds

In addition to the the ones in OP, I also found:

AI-47 (AK-47)
.44 Revolver

Pc or xbox? Are there different guns in Xbox vs c

Were those spawned in random boxes or on hidden places around the map?

Random loot, found in boxes and weapon crates, often close to some military installation.

Ah okey. I guess my usual lack of luck in life followed me into this game as well, lol

I swore at my misfortune when my friend got a shotgun and 2 handguns in the first building one comes to upon start of the game and I only got a handgun.

But now when I have 4-crown silencer for my rifle, 5-crown extended barrel for Kpist/45, 5-crown scope for 2 guns, multiple 4-crown weapons etc etc…things tend to even out with time, if you play enough. :slight_smile:

My inventory, virtually all guns have scopes, and high-level attachments: - apart from the Ai-47 that I just found in that photo. (The attachments in the back-pack there are extra.)

Impressive stash of loot I must say. I’ve actually played this quite a lot, but my best find is still a level 2 AK4… haha. In all the military barracks and bunkers I only find level 1 AK4’s or m/46’s. I think it’s hilarious. I wonder if your BETA progress will remain once the game releases, I doubt it but it would be cool.

Didn’t see the Ak or älgstudsare rifle on Xbox…is it just me

Beta progress will not transfer over to the full release