How to access DLC from PC GamePass installed game?

I am playing Generation Zero on my PC from Game Pass, and in the description of the game there, it says that it includes all the DLC’s such as Alpine Unrest and FNIX rising.

I can’t find a way in the game to actually get to these DLC’s. Looking at the downloadable content inside the game it gives me an option to buy them, but the version of the game that I am playing says it already includes those DLC’s along with several others.


What am I missing? I know to start the Alpine DLC, I need to do the “Not Alone” mission, but I don’t have that in my logs, and don’t find anything there on the map in game. I see there was another topic similar to this that was closed after the poster said they bought the DLC separately. If I have to buy it separately, the GamePass description needs to be updated to clearly state what I am actually getting when I install the game. Help?

From what i am reading you mean that you don’t have a log entry of these missions but you are at the location of the Mission? (Blue Marker)

You only get the base game from the GamePass, and a one cent discount on the DLCs. I had to purchase all of the DLC content separately.

not what i meant. I mean the other issues besides game pass

So basically the description in GamePass is incorrect and there are no DLC’s included in the version(s) of the game available there.

It’s really odd that they show up as being part of the installed bundle in the version of the game in GamePass but aren’t actually there. (It’s also a real bummer!!)

I can’t see any info on the gamepass detail page that DLCs are included.

It’s right here on the main page for the game:

You can see that it still gives me the option to buy it, so it’s not a game that I own. At the bottom it says “INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE” and shows those two DLC’s.

Ok, yes, I agree.
I just was on the main game page and already wondered.

Might look misleading at first but if you take a closer look, it shows that the discount on said DLCs is included with the GP bundle.

@SR_Carni Could you please look into this Issue since it probably can affect sales?

(If I addressed the wrong person for something like this please tell us who should be addressed next time)

Had a look myself, the ‘with gamepass’ is how MS themselves indicate to you the lower price. GZ abse game shows ‘Included with Gamepass’ indicating thats all you get. Another thing, you went onto the Resistant Bundle which is not the Gamepass included version as you can see from the list of Games on Gamepass. In short, this is not something that SR can do anything about but rather MS needs to clarify stuff much clearer