How to attach scopes


I have rifles shotguns and pistols. How do I attach scopes and silencers to them? I have them but when I go through them in the inventory it doesn’t show how to attach them. this is really annoying me as I can’t shoot well from a distance.


There should be a button on the bottom of your inventory screen called “Attachements” (just select a weapon and it should be visible).


ok I will try that thanks


Do note that not all weapons can take a scope.

  • 12G shotty can take only Shotgun scope while semi-auto shotgun can’t take any scope.
  • Möller and Klaucke pistols can’t take any scope. Only .44 Magnum can take Handgun scope.
  • .243 and .270 can take 1-4x, 4-8x and 6-12x Rifle scopes.
  • AI-76 can take only Red Dot scope.
  • AG5 can take Red Dot and 1-4x Rifle scope.
  • AG4 can take Red Dot, 1-4x and 4-8x Rifle scope.

And silencers are added in the “Muzzle” section of the weapon customization. Though, semi-auto shotgun can not take Shotgun silencer, only 12G shotty can. Semi-auto shotgun can take only Shotgun choke.