How to change active specialisation?

Dear player,

I would like to know how to switch between active specialisations: e.g. vanguard vs marksman ?

  • I play on xbox one x, my active specialisation is “vanguard”, but I have no option ( button ) to switch to my second specialisation ( e.g. marksman or commando soldier )…

So which button I have to press and in which menu ?!?

Thanks for help…

N ey tiree

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I play on PC but i hope the following helps:

  • Open Skills menu.
  • Navigate your highlight/selection area to the specialization that you have unlocked and want to switch to.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you should see the proper prompt to “activate” the specialization
    I don’t know what button it is, but on PC, it’s the same button to open doors/loot containers.

Yeah it’s the same button you use to activate a skill point (X)


And you need at least more than one specialisation unlocked, otherwise there is none to switch to.

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