How to farm for extended magazines?

I have some weapons that I don’t have a single extended magazine for.

I’m just wondering what is the best method to farm them and there is very limited info on the internet about this.

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There is no specific way. It’s all RNG.
Best is to hunt big machines, lvl 4 rivals or just to search every box.

For which weapons are you missing extended magazines?

Attachments for weapons are close to where you find the weapons. A lot of areas are popular for types of weapons, they are also popular for the attachments for them. Keep in mind that attachments can be on any machine and at any level, so loot all machines in a given area.

KVM89, AG4.
Probably some more.

I loot every machine. Seems like the drop rate for magazines is abysmal. I’ve got plenty of legendary scopes and found 10 legendary shotgun chokes.

Yes, it’s a lot of grinding necessary.
Otherwise it would become boring quite fast, doesn’t it?

If you own alpine unrest DLC, you should make vacation in Himfjäl for some time.


Agreed on Himfjal. Got most of my 5 crown extended mags from farming Apocalypse rivals in Himfjal. Still trying to get one for the HP5. I’ll farm 8 rivals in Himfjal to level four and take them out. Then wash, rinse, repeat.

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90% of mine were farming rivals in the farmlands. I have come across a bunch in the marsh lands and the north coast from enemies and lootables in soviet camps. Himfjall def drops alot of stuff. I have all the accessories, minus the kripst ext mag, just not all the gold guns at this point. seems the guns are more elusive for me… such is my luck.

Finally got my first HP5 4-crown extended mag in a year of playing. lol. Rival tank in farmlands dropped.