How to get FNIX to take control of a control point efficiently?

I don’t know it is just me, but it seems to me that FNIX Base Assault missions are not happening as frequent as before. What are the best circumstances to have (treat level, number of rivals, ect), to get FNIX to take control of a control point?

What strategy do you take to maximise your chance to do a FNIX Base assault?

I don’t do anything special when I play GZ.
I just fight machines and remove fnix bases in general.

Last session I started hunting my 4 forest region rivals. In general I don’t use much fast traveling when doing that. I make a route to follow and travel it by foot or bike /motorbike and destroy any larger groups of machines on my route. After 2 of the rivals (and everything on the way to them) I had a new fully upgraded fnix base. After the 3rd I made a break and destroyed a fully upgraded fnix bases next to my route. After this base I had another new fully upgraded fnix base…

They really appear faster than I can destroy them all for me.

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Just destroy every machine you see inside a Region.

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@Madchaser @Mr_A1992

I was a bit hesitant to kill all rivals since the 4th GZ Birthday is coming and we might need Rivals to get the surprise, if there is a surprise, not sure. :coffee:

So I was trying to find a sweet spot between killing all and saving rivals. But I guess that why it didn’t work. I need to kill all rivals too. :thinking:

So I have another question, that I always found contradictory, sort off. Who is posing the threat that is given as being a threat level of 24? Is it the player to FNIX or is it the machines to the player?

When the player destroys all machines the threat that the player poses would be great in the eyes of the enemy. But the indicated threat level would show a low value. At least much lower than 24 in my example picture when all rivals doing the rounds. :coffee:

Fandom says: With enough region score, FNIX will take over a Control Point.

All Rivals (8) active Threat level high 24, Region score max.

Good question.
I would say “the machines to the player”.
By destroying machines the region score rises. The higher the region score, the more rivals appear. The more rivals appeared, the higher the region threat level. So the rivals are an indicator of a higher threat for the players.

If you destroy them, the threat level gets lowered.

Currently I just don’t know how base assaults and defenses fit in this system.

As far as I know you need a specific region score to be able to make a base defense, but if you’re succesful, the score gets lowered. What about the threat level in this case?

How do these values react if you complete a base assault? I currently don’t know.

To get a better understanding.

First spawn: 1st Base Assault
Spawn Base Assault treat level

I started with 8 Rivals and max scores, killing all Rivals but two in the Forest Region and then started killing non-rival machines. When reached the scores as seen on the image above, FNIX took over a control point. I will keep killing non-rival machines, and each time show the new score when a new FNIX Base is erected.

Second Spawn: Resistance base this time
second spawn
Did the defend on medium

Third Spawn: 2st Base Assault
Third spawn
It took longer now before a new FNIX base was claimed. So restarted the game to get new machines to spawn for me to kill.