How to get in prone?

What do I type for prone?

The Z key on QWERTY keyboards. Looks like it’s currently not rebindable.

Y key on QWERTZ keyboards

You can go prone? Laying fully down? Whoa, I never knew that. I thought there was just standing up and crouching.

watch the trailer again there is a bit where the dude lays down on his chest with a hunting rifle

When the devs fix the completely broken game after the 23 June patch I will go play it, but right now the game CTDs the instant I start it :frowning:

oof that’s just sad no gen z= :astonished::pleading_face::tired_face::cry::angry::robot::skull_and_crossbones:

Yes, extremely frustrating!

You can lie prone? Since when? Can you also crawl too?

Yes, you can. It’s also possible to crawl under some high fences that have large enough gap under them :wink:

does prone increase stealth beyond crouch?

also crouch and prone dont appear to reduce bullet spread / tighten the reticule / improve aim / recoil etc like other shooters i feel that was overlooked. or isit just not noticable/displayed?

Yes, it does… significantly.

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Is this only available for the latest DLC or something? Because I got home last night, fired the game up and I have no option to go prone whatsoever. Pressing ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ does nothing in the settings menu.

It’s not remappable, sadly.

The patch has only come for pc so far. the prone for qwerty keyboards is Z. the ground needs to be flat.

Finally! Wonderful! Fantastic! But how can you (devs) add this without adding the ability to remap?? I mean really?? Like any sensible person, I always bind the keys closest to WASD (including Z) to the most useful features. Are you saying I have to rebind it? That’s just mean :frowning:
I would like to bind “Cycle Fire Mode” to “Mouse 5” instead of “Z”, but that makes the control tooltip show some ugly stuff in my HUD… :frowning:

Can going prone / crawling be done on PS4?

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Not before August '20 update is released for consoles.

Ah, ok, thank you. Appreciate the reply.