How to get the exp. hammer

I’ve killed the reaper 3 times now in three different regions and still haven’t been able to get the experimental hammer. Is there a certain way to get it, or is it just a really rare drop?

Just bad RNG or bad luck.
Keep trying, or ask to someone who is willing to give or trade one.

Some weapons take really long time to get them.
It took me weeks to get my first experimental KVM59 when they added it.
The other day i found 2 on the same hour.


I’ve been grinding since exp KVM became a drop again. Never got it, worst luck ever. November Update comes first reaper I kill? Exp hammer. RNG is quite weird sometimes…

And i even haven’t seen the Reaper in my game as of yet. :thinking:

Though, RNG can be very unlucky. For example: since they day KVMs were introduced into the game (November '19 update), i have never found better KVM 89 than a 3* one.

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Took me 5 or 6 reapers and I was the first in my group to get it

Haha I’ve tried so many times to get the EXP sledgehammer. Couple of weeks ago, I invited one of my brothers to play. He hadn’t fought the reaper yet and I had it spawned so I invited him to fight it with me. Short story long. He got the hammer on his first encounter. I haven’t had it drop yet so… RNGesus isn’t always on your side.

It was about Reaper 10-12 before I got mine. Just get some friends and help each other with each others Reapers to help bump kill rate. It will come.

For me its like win 1 million on a lottery ticket to get the exp hammer. Or maybe it will never came to me. I stop play the game many times, and tried again. I think i killed about 50 reaper tanks (Spent over 1 year) and still never get one. I just hope they update the game one day, so there is a different way to get it. Like a mission or something.

  1. It’s just a hammer.
  2. It took me about 2 years to get one. And now I don’t even use it.

One rumour about reapers is, that you can improve your chance by destroying the reaper, before it selfdestructs.
Playing alone in these about 2 years I made it about 3 to 5 times with one time having success to get the hammer. Well, I’m not that reaper hunter.

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chances are, someone has one they can just give you extras :+1: ask multiplayer peoples

the clothing is more difficult, can’t be shared by multiplayer peoples, nor the 2 mopeds colors, only experimental hammer

I have one and used it once, but the hammer isn’t really convincing.

Have you charged it, while using it?

Eehhhh… I don’t remember, think not. How do I do this?

It’s a kind of shocktherapie, isn’t it? :grin:

I think holding the attack button and then release it, just like with the Bränball bat. It should show you a charging animation.

Oh yes, now I remember: you can see it charging. But still - mwahh.

Well, I am not one to easily complain about stuff in games in general. It is my believe that the bat, the sledge hammer and the pitchfork are in GZ just for fun gameplay or a challenge, but not for being a good weapon against letal metal machines. :coffee:

a charged experimental sledgehammer can take out the 10 tvs assignment at the hotel in just 1 swing :white_check_mark: go to the 2nd floor and to rooms 204 & 203, stand in the middle of both rooms, at hit the floor with a charged hit


I’ll have to remember that, Echelon. Probably still won’t use it much, but it’d be funny to do it just once.

Gysbert, Asphodelus -

Unless things have changed, charging the exp. sledge goes about like this: you land three hits on destructible objects…you can hit enemies, TVs, glass in windows of buildings or cars, wood picket fences, many other possible objects…

You should be able to look at the weapon and tell when it isn’t charged, how much charge has been built up, or if it is fully charged.

After three hits, the weapon should be charged and ready for a power hit. To then execute the power hit, which has a result somewhat like HALO’s gravity hammer, you pull and hold the attack button to charge a power attack (same as you can do with ANY melee weapon), point the weapon at your target within range, and let’er swing.

BOOM, massive shockwave, EMP effect, huge damage and stun over a fairly wide area.

After the power hit, it is overheated and has to cool back down before it can be used again. Usually, anyway. It can glitch in such a way that the cooldown gets skipped. Not sure how that happens. Not a weapon I care for, so I never bothered to try to figure it out.

I keep a pair of normal sledgehammers around for melee base assault assignments and the occasional other use, but otherwise I have no interest in melee weapons in this game. Maybe if we had something like a pickaxe or a shovel, or a wrecking bar (like a giant crowbar), or a firefighter’s axe/halligan… I do have and intend to keep the one exp. sledge I’ve gotten, more as a curio or trophy than anything else. Like some of the other goofy stuff included in the game, it just doesn’t interest me beyond that.

If/when I get extras, I might see if anybody around needs them—on XB1.

I wish i could join multiplayer to trade a weapon for the exp hammer. But sadly it is not possible in the game, when it is broken. My internet connection works great in all kind of games, and when i go online on a website. But in Generation zero we keep get a timeout error. I was lucky one day to be online for about 1 minute, and then it toke me out of the multiplayer, and i have never been able to join any multiplayer anymore. I hope it will be fixed one day.