How To Get Weapons Skin Fast


To get weapon skins fast you don’t need to farm Rivals, you just need to complete Base Assault missions. First I tried to kill Rivals, but I got no skin, so I tried this method and it worked. :grinning:

You should try level 1 FNIX Bases to take down, and I’m sure you’ll get at least 1 skin. :+1:

I tried level 3 Bases and I got nothing, but with level 1 Bases I got the new Möller PP skin :smiley:

Didn’t notice them yet, after a lvl 1 and a lvl 3 base.

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When the first weapon skins were introduced in GZ, I got them all only from Base Assault, except 1 :+1:

Base Assault missions’ rewards have a higher chance to be a weapons skin. For me, in general, it works if I complete a level 1 mission :grinning:

Actually i got a Skin from killing only 1 rival in 3 hours yesterday.
But you might have a lower chance to obtain them from rivals and a higher chance from Base assault…

Caution: opinion

Why do you play it at all, if you destroy the/your experience by yourself by using unofficial and unsupported mods for cheating?

That’s like reading the last pages of a book before reading the rest.

Conversations about mods are not allowed on here, please refrain from talking about them :slight_smile: thanks

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I think the skin you got was the “Heavy Flash Custom”, which is a leaked one that wasn’t supposed to be out yet. The other new “official” skins only drop from Base assault and Base defense.

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I havent played much in the last year.
So i still dont have all the 1st batch of free skins, but i dont know which one was.
I waited for new updates, now i have many collectibles, weapons skins and stuff to do and find.
You can tell me how that one looks and il say if its that one or not.

PS: i actually got another skin 2 days ago from a rival but the skins are indeed not the new ones, its the Magnums skin and the Kpist Older skin.