How to host a game on Xbox, if possible

Hello. Completely newb questions here so I apologize in advance.

I have an Xbox One X and I’ve been able to randomly join other multiplayer games, but they always seem to quit then I get booted. Could be because I’m only level 20 and maybe their working on end game level stuff, but I don’t see a way to chat in-game?

First, I’d like to host a game that folks could randomly join if they’d like… is that possible on a One X, or can you only host like that on a PC?

Second, I’ve seen folks mention they are chatting via in-game chat, but I don’t see where I can toggle a mic option or VoIP anywhere. Again, am I missing something or is this a PC only option or are they using some 3rd party chat software / app?


To host a game you choose need to enter thr ge, pause, click “multiplayer” then set it so anyone can join.

As for voice chat only console has that built in. I do not play on console so I cannot help you there sorry.

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