How to lvl up himfall fast

See the picture for more info, likes to explore new theories about the game.

Has soon 1000 hours and 52000 dead, that does not stop me from trying new things, like how many mines it takes to drop a tank or grenades.
Already made 1 shot with AP sniper bullets from 900m to destroy a Finix tank.
And a Finix harvester rival lvl 4 under 4 sec.
Professional killing machine. Older soon 44. Everything I do is strategic and well moderated to survive strategic robot warfare. deaths only 701 at 52,000.

Can someone confirm the draw radius is now 900m. I didn’t see this in the March update.

You’re right, it’s not.

@flappy You’re right about the hotspots you’ve marked on the map, but that’s not all of them. I could point out at least 4 or 5 more locations where there’s always a Tank or a Harvester on patrol. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know this went into the discord, but as it serves the purpose here.

Big dots big machines, small dots small ones.

Route map of 5C Weapons Farming, also covering Himfjall and best route for XP based on 4 hour game cycle.

I can’t even run around that island without crashing. Crashed 3 times in about 15 minutes. It started right after the reaper spawned. Wish they would fix this

The Hotspot are good to know if I can get the time to hit them all

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Spots are good in Himfjäll, but from the 4 of 5 red circles mostly spawn rivals. And picking up just normal machines among them is tedious because rivals get angry too.
So after 4-6 rivals spawned, those places are out of count. And it leave quite little places to find non rival harvesters or tanks.

I have currently 8 rivals on Himfjäll, and score 10k, lvl 20. And has been this long time, because just not enough “easy” prey to level up score.

And as i have 8 rivals there already, killing one to give room possible reaper spawn will drop score and level. To be on safe side lvl need to be 23 or higher to stay on 21 or above.

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