How to make game better

I play on PS4 Slim, like my friends. And that’s the list what we experienced yesterday:

-Frame drop at any big city like Fiskedack and Kalleby when the enemies start to attack (it’s impossible to visit any bigger city, because of the problem of unoptimization).

-Frame drop during snow in a big cities.

-Enemies can attack you through walls of the buildings, also enemies can spot you through buildings (that the last drop in ruinining your stealth mechanics :sweat_smile:)

-Unable to collect all the loot in different locations (because there is no any, just don’t do this thing like, for example, Salthamn, 44 loot boxes, 1 special item. Just leave it to the players, to find out how many there items left).

-The bullets don’t get the target whic is ~200 meters away from you (and there is achievement to kill from 300 m).

-The quest in Salthamn and many others are bugged, you need to restart the game and then it start working.

-There was a problem with loot, the 4’s and 3’d players connected don’t get anything (like 2 missiles from Collosus, while first 2 players get purple guns and scopes).

I hope that you will patch this up, because sometimes it’s really hard to close eyes on this obvious bugs.