How to make Generation Zero better

-Challenge progress lost
-Crashing while connecting
-Assigments don’t work
-Weapon fire sound lost
-Hotfix for PC PS4/PS5 X-BOX
-New updates without bug sand crashes

More ideas
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  • More machines roaming the cities and in the Forest region that is now more deserted.
  • Machines not vanishing from areas with new machine bases
  • Repeatable story and side missions
  • Not having too many bases/control points in a region, making such region more empty, with less machines.
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This. And it has been suggested before: NPC’s with procedurally generated missions. This would add endless things to do and places to explore. Suggestions:

  • Go to X armory and find Y, bring it back to resistance camp.
  • Go to X village, find supplies, bring it to NPC Y.
  • Go to X harbor, find Y materials, bring it back.
  • Go to FNIX base X, find Y machine parts, bring back for research.
  • Go to bunker X, find hidden notes/schematics/maps/whatever, bring it back.
  • Go to military camp X, destroy all machines, save NPC Y, and bring back.

Etc, etc, etc.

Procedural missions could even be timelocked, so you had X amount of minutes to do it (with fast traveling would take away a huge chunk of that), forcing you to preferably travel by bike whenever possible.

Since this game has so many different types of locations, there could be an equally large number of mission types, with different pickup, rescue, search and combat missions. And since it would be a random location every time, it would never be the same missions.

Assignments (as they are currently implemented) is a rather poor solution for procedural content.
Base assault and rivals are a bit better, but still lacks variation overall.
With the addition of NPC’s with a wide range of missions, the world will become truly open refreshing in the long term.


In addition to this, the reload sound affects also have about a 60/40% chance of not working.