How to Make GZ Experience Better

Hello! GZ Experience is so nice at the moment. Really like the new NPCs, Revamps, Vehicles and Control Points, but it can be even better.

Here I have some additions that can improve the experience:

  1. More NPCs-NPCs are really good in GZ, but they can be more, like in every Region.

  2. Mission Log Revamp-The Mission Log could show the missions in the chronological order, to make the campaign easier to understand for new players. You can also add a “Mark All As Seen” option to select all mission items as seen. And, I think it will be nice to show the Assigments in the mission log.

  3. Challenge Log Revamp-I think a “Track Challenge” option will be nice. It will show the challenge progress in the HUD. Also, please fix the Base Defense Challenge. Players aren’t able to complete it.

  4. Holiday Event-December is coming, so I think you will launch a Holiday Event. You can design new outfits like a Santa Set for the character. I will be nice, I think.

  5. Add More Missions and DLCs-Players are asking about new Story Expansions, like Alpine Unrest, so I think it will be a good addition.

And that’s it. If someone has new ideas, post them here.