How to make multiplayer game fun?

I have played a LOT of GZ and I am at level 28 now. One of the best games in a long time on all counts. I have been playing singleplayer.

Why play multiplayer? The few times I tried MP, it was a few of us running around without doing much. Kind of lost or boring unless one player starts acting like a D/B and starts PKing.

What am I missing and h ow can MP be fun? TIA

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MP is a lot more fun with people you know. Such as people irl, or friends on discord. Playing randoms is not as fun. reasons for playing MP in GZ is the same as any other game, you can interact with people while playing the game.

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Here’s one topic which improves MP experience, IF you’d follow the guidelines: Code of Conduct when joining a coop game

Overall, my advice is this:

  • If you host the game, let others follow your lead (aka you decide what to do).
  • If you join someone else (client), follow the game host around.

That’s what i do and it has worked well thus far. :slightly_smiling_face:

Main reason (which i’ve seen): Combat is far easier.

For other reasons, you can meet new people and if yours and theirs play style match, you can make good friends.

Though, latter is trial-and-error and can drain you eventually, when you don’t find a good match within reasonable amount of time.
E.g if you’re the slower type; scouting ahead, sneaking, sniping, moving slowly and other person is running around like headless chicken, engaging anything on sight, firing the weapon without a thought - it isn’t a good match between the two and there isn’t any enjoyment for either. E.g: one complaining that other moves too fast ahead while another is complaining that other is moving too slowly.

Oh, you can join GZ Discord as well, invite:, since there are often people looking to play with someone.

It doesn’t hurt to fish for random players every now and then. I’ve had some really fun sessions with random dudes. Sometimes, even with a full team of 4, where nobody knew each other but everyone just «clicked». :slightly_smiling_face:

For those who join my game, I have some criteria:

  • As host I want people to follow me as a group, but I will often ask them for suggestions on what they want to do.
  • Do not wander off on some weird errand, and do not go and attack Rivals without approval. It’s no catastrophe, but it’s rude and I will kick those who do it.
  • Don’t come using cheats! Every now and then there shows up a guy with a full-auto grenade launcher, or with all his perks maxed out… Kick!
  • Use the chat! There’s always that one guy who just won’t write anything, even when talked to specifically, and it’s frustrating as hell!
  • Using at least a minimal amount of humor is appreciated, if anyone was unsure of that! Joking around a bit never hurt anyone…

HOLD UP a full auto grenade launcher? That sounds like it wouldn’t be bad for you yet for the machines because the rocket launcher does something like 40 damage to the machines (random guess) and at full auto would turn the machines to well… Dust!

I appreciate the responses. I’ll keep at it and see how it goes! Thanks again!

Yes it is. It’s absolutely bad for me! The difficulty of this game is fine for a solo player, and it’s a bit too easy for a full group of end-game players, even on Guerilla with scaling turned on… So when that punk with the full-auto grenade launcher shows up and ruins all the fun for the serious players, I’ll gladly show him the door! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Well that’s not what I meant but that’s a completely valid point but what I meant was that the machines would stand no chance I didn’t imply that they would ruin the game neither did I that they wouldn’t. Despite the fact that it would ruin it for you it wouldn’t ruin the fun for them despite you not enjoying if they did then they enjoyed a few seconds of tormenting you with a fully automatic RPG and I will not further question or complain about it I do hope you enjoy your day