How to not die in generation zero

How to survive generation zero like if it was real and you were there

This is a list of locations that are kinda safe

Location needs to have food water and stuff human needs to not die

Ok first is the archipelago theres only one really safe place the lighthouse it never has machines around it also theres a few houses with food and stuff there so you will be fine

Farmlands is less safe and the bottom location is the safest, so if your closer to there you should go there, no robots pretty much ever. It’s a destroyed town but there is one house standing with food and stuff.

The top two are towns or houses and barns they are much less safe but if you stay down be quiet and are ok with constant sounds of machines fighting then you will be safe ish

Mountains have much less safe areas but one of them is probably the safest place in the map on the left theres a few houses and no machines ever go there the top location is kinda safe usually machines arent there but dont make too much noise they are kinda nearby

South coast is a pretty unsafe region but it has a few towns that arent super full of robots. Both towns will sometimes have some small machines come through but just hide for a while and youll be fine.

The marshlands are probably the second most unsafe region only could find one really safe spot it’s a warehouse/port thing with extremely few machines ever around and there plenty of food and stuff since it’s a warehouse full of boxes

The top one is another warehouse where robots dont come it has everything you need to live as long as you dont draw attention to yourself youll be fine the bottom one has supplies to last a few weeks maybe not really a permanent home and also robots fight along the shores across the lake but you can live there a bit

The forest is mostly unsafe but theres two spots that are alright. The bottom one is a few houses near a large industrial area, there are machines but if your quiet and stay down youll be fine. The top one is on a small island where there are no machines but dont make too much sound because they can still shoot across the river.

You probably will die on this island but if you dont theres a lighthouse and a house that are kinda safe just dont make noise and stay hidden and youll survive maybe

so the best place to live out of them all is probably the lighthouse in the archipelago plenty of food and no robots.

Ok cool now when you teleport to a universe where genz is real you know how to survive.