How to read and understand coordinates

I’m not that map savy when it comes to reading coordinates, so when someone posts a bunker or weapons location, how do I go about understanding the numbers I’m looking at when most of the time it’s just 6 or 8 numbers given. For example sumtn like - 1234, 0098. And is the dash a negative number for the coordinate or part of an abbreviation. Any help in understanding this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

the coordinates are two numbers separated by a comma
first number is for left or right direction, 0 being center of map, going left is negative and going right is positive, higher the number the further to the right it is
second number is up and down, 0 being center, up for negative down for positive

someone else might be able to word this better but I hope this helps


I sure appreciate the info. That helps a lot. Thankyou

If you bring up the map and move your pointer about on it, the coodinates of the mouse are shown on screen. Move your pointer until you get to the right coodinates and put a marker in. Follow marker on HUD.

Only thing I would add is that coordinates appear to correlate 1:1 with distances in meters.