How to show progress Destroy Relay Beacon

how to show progress Destroy Relay Beacon please
The objective is to find out if they are all destroyed.


Which objective? I don’t know it.
Some relay beacons even respawn from time to time.

It’s not wise to destroy all Beacons, because machines are spawned there to guard the beacons.
Unfortunately, they are not in the in-game map filter system.


Okay I thought we had to destroy them all. I didn’t know she could respawn

thx !
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Don’t link to the deca map, it uses datamining which is against the EULA.
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Ok i’am sorry excuse me

Small clarification concerning the respawn of the relay. Indeed some come back but are no longer indicated in the compass bar and only reports 500 XP the one that have never been destroyed report 1500 and appear in the compass bar and there yes it is very annoying that it is not counted because it is necessary to resume one by one what I started to do but galleys …