How to unlock this door?

Found this one along the coastal area, but no idea to unlock it.

Any ideas, suggestions, solutions?

Go to the computer in the tent/barn/shack/stables (can’t remember anymore, how it looked like) outside.

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Isn’t that, what Tene called “Borgakulans Hidden Military Cabin”?


Ok, I’ll look over there! :pray:

Found it!

Outside the cabin there’s a button, but it doesn’t react.

But I’m in:

As you can see: “Security door hacked”.
It should now be open or able to open.

Seem rather important items. I don’t get the info on screen what I’m picking up, but a collectable and… ? (to the right)…

Ammo Schematic points (for unlocking schematics for ammo crafting), tungsten,…
Nothing special.

Ok. Some geological stuff too