HUD overlay glitch after latest update


with gas mask on there appears a horizontal black stripe and damage indicators (blurred vision when PC is hit) are messed up and make the whole screen go very blurry (so you can’t see anything through it). When I take the mask off the stripe disappears but the damage effects still happen. Don’t know how could you reproduce it. It happens both in SP and MP. I’m playing on PC (i7 7700 2,8 and GeForce GTX 1050).

Thx for your help!

Perhaps your mask has a crack in it, and someone used scotch tape to patch it. Lol!

Try a new one - literally! Is it all gas masks? Try a different color one if you have found any. Grey, green, black. Can’t really see it being the issue of only one of the color ones, but you never know, right.

I too am experiencing a similar issue following this latest update. When I get hit, 3/4 of my hud goes very dim. Can’t see much. Not wearing any gas mask or any kind of glasses at all. The game is unplayable now. I’m also playing the PC version (i7-7700K, GeForce GTX 1060, Win 10 1909)

Are you guys using dynamic resolution?

No. Dynamic Resolution is off.

Using any visual mods?

You are correct!

I have been using the “Immersion Mod - Compass” from Nexus Mods. It made the following changes:

*Hidden crosshair

*Removed Entered Combat popup

*Hidden hit indicators

*Normal compass

I removed the two files and tested the game. The anomaly is no longer present.

Thanks OGDH

As it was established by Kardon & OGDH discussion, 3rd party mods cause this issue.

Uninstall the mods to get the game back to normal state.

Topic closed :lock: since we do not offer any further assistance for people using 3rd party mods.