Human Npcs in the world

Whether they only be in player bases or, even better, out in the world, it would be awesome to have human npcs.

I understand that they would not be able to move as fast as the player because that’d just look weird on an npc.

I also understand that they’d likely be mowed down by the machines incredibly rapidly in combat.

Regardless, I think it would be awesome to find groups of humans that you can choose to support for some small reward or even just for the cool world building if it. Like, for example, walking up on an ongoing battle and helping out or even just having them help with player base defence.

It would make the world feel like there is just a touch more life to it, even if they’d be really rare I’d appreciate it.

Even if they only appeared for offline or for solo players if it’s too difficult to sync npc allies in multiplayer from a development standpoint

I know this is a massive ask, and a difficult project. Likely even entirely unrealistic as an idea solely for length of development time on it. But I love this game and it’s ideas and this would really bring me back to playing it again.

All in all, I know its a game where everything is taken over by robots and humans are meant to be mostly absent, but, I think the little bit of life this would add would be an important feature.