Humorous incidents


Post here any odd, funny or just strange things you’ve encountered.

The Lost Seeker.

It was hovering there, checking the road signs. By the time I took the screenshot it had turned and was headed my way, but it really was hovering before the sign for several seconds.


Tanks kneeling down?

I came across this the other day. A tank in a roadway down on one knee. I thought it was interesting that the AI does this. Maybe he was being romantic and proposing to a cute Harvester?


“I only told you to blow the bloody doors off!”
[/Michael Caine]


You might say this Hunter is on the fence about what to do next…


He’s got a foot in each camp.


No GPS back then. How would you else expect it to find its way to the local library?


During yesterday’s stream someone asked if Ticks have ragdolls, @Avalanche_Graham answered that they probably didn’t. Well, they do.

This one’s also on the fence, it seems.


Yesterday evening I managed to take down a hunter in a bunker with a hand grenade as it was looming behind a corner. It was disintegrated to such an extend that its sword arm had darted off and carved its way half into the ceiling. Really regret now that I didn’t take a picture :disappointed:


Tank playing hide and seek. Bit of a give-away that he didn’t switch his searchlight off.


Just chillin’


…and he farted on the way down :rofl:


Corridor of Death. Nowhere to run, when the Tank comes charging.


Have I been here? @Xezr, could you give me a hint where we’re at? Cool pictures, everyone. Most entertaining. Please don’t stop :+1:


IGA Facility. A Tank usually patrols there.


So nice to come in from a cold hike through the wintery forests and warm your toes by the fire.


This page had me laughing , good work thanks :+1::rofl:


Tried to escape from some hunters just now and decided to try hiding in the kitchen sink. Didn’t work. And the tap kept dripping on my right ear.


From that perspective, it looks like you’ve shrunk in size. Those Ticks should be a nightmare now… Tank-sized Ticks.

On topic:

"This is the police, what’s your emergency?"

“There’s a huge, mean murder robot outside the phone booth waiting to kill me!”

"Sigh." klick



I was crouching. I was trying to move away from the windows and ended up clipping through the kitchen sink. Very odd experience.


Okay, this is probably old news - I’m still a newbie, remember - but I think that I might have found a picture of @kakarron:

So, what’s the story?


I took my profile pic from a sign in the game. it was pointed out to me by someone on here (@jay.graw) that it was a reference to ff69fdae08a44332074a16e21608ee8d9015496d_2_375x500