Hunter statue somewhere in the mountains or forest region

Hello I am having trouble finding the statue of a hunter somewhere in the mountains region i believe on a hill . Its just a hunter standing there no movement dead i guess lol like a statue any ideas can you tell me what area location roughly id love to go see it THANK YOU :smiley:

Isn’t it part of a mission, so that you should get there just by playing the story?
Well, at least I tell you that it isn’t in mountains region.
It’s in the marshlands.

I did the missions long time back im just going back to explore but i cant remeber where it is can you tell me whats it close to or on the map please

Garphammar is the closest town.

Thanks but doesnt narrow it down much theres stuff all over the place maybe some one else can help me you prolly know just dont wanna tell me exactly :frowning: not sure why

nevermind lol i found it your the best thanks man lol i guess it was more fun finding it myself i cheered TAHNK YOU :smiley: big thumbs up for you from Canada

That was my intention :wink: :+1: