Hunter & Tank weak spots / how to fight them

Absolutely in love with the game. Unfortunately, I’ve never been great at shooting games. In an effort to not be such a noob, where are the weak spots on the Hunters and Tanks? With explosives currently broken (and me not even knowing how to use them in the first place) and the toolboxes all being empty (so i’m short on med packs), what’s the best gun to use to fight them?

My current weapons: 3 star .270 rifle, 3 star 9mm pistol, 3 star G4 AR (the 7.62 one), 4 star G5 AR (the 5.56 one), 4 star mp5

Listed ammo types for the G4 and G5 incase I got them mixed up :slight_smile:

I know on Hunters they have the rectangular shaped things on the front of their ‘shoulders’, shooting those out seems to do well. Where else? For Tanks I simply have no clue and i’ve never killed one


I had a video on my XBox One that showed how useful the binoculars are especially if you also have the blueprints for that bot.

If you have the plan the detail view in the binoculars show the current percentage of each critical area. You do seem to be able to work on a particularly damaged area.

On a ‘stuck’ Tank I had hit with recoilless rifle a couple of times, shooting easily targeted the armour off with an AK then hit the lowest capacity shoulder joint with about 10 to 15 .270 rounds and the thing blew up, despite claiming an overall health around 75%

Sadly my XBox is away for repair (should actually be replaced soon) so I think the video is gone forever.

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So you’re using one of the skills to see where it’s most vulnerable by checking through binoculars? I must not have that skill yet :grimacing: Sounds super helpful

From my experience on Hunters, I shoot their guns until they fall off, then I aim for their head/face plate to expose their head (more upgraded variants), Tanks I shoot their guns from a distance but there’s also a small electrical plate on the top of their right leg, and a battery/fuel tank on their back, also you can shoot the sensor that acts as it’s eye and the light above it’s guns

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If you’ve acquired the IR lens, you can easily spot them since they appear dark

Those are some great tips. Thanks for providing the details!

there are also 2 eyes that can be shot off with a hunting rifle and scope or / sniper . this can help with taking them down. ( tanks and harvestors ) , they are usually on the top right of torso and also the bottom left of torso

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Hunters are probably my favourite enemy in Generation Zero. Here’s some tips I’ve gathered from killing them.

Hunters have exceptional detecting abilities, and depending on the type can be equipped with sophisticated weaponry and optics, which can target you from afar and even see through walls.
They all have a distinct, telltale “roar” that they give off if they’ve spotted you. If you get discovered in the open and choose to run, be prepared for a sprint. They will not stop chasing you for a long time, and you risk running into other problems on the way. They often carry different weapons, all of which are described below.

Prototype Hunter

Coloured orange. Usually patrols the starter islands in single units, and in groups in the Farmlands Region.


12,7mm x99 Machinegun
Tear Gas Launcher

Weak spots include the fuel canister on it’s back, the attached weapons and the two vents in the front, beside the head. The head itself is also a good target, but can be difficult to hit. The Prototype Hunter is lightly armoured and can be taken down with a few well-placed shots of the .243 hunting rifle, or justabout any primary weapon. Even the pistols can take him down if necessary.

I recommend shooting the Machinegun off, to rid it of it’s primary weapon. The more weapons disabled, the more hitpoints they lose. Once they lose their ranged weapons, Hunters will often charge and do a deadly leap attack. They make a distinct sound when they do this, so watch out.

Military Hunter


12,7mm x99 Machinegun
Tear Gas Launcher
Concussion Rifle
Tick Canister (Military Ticks, armored)

Green camouflage. Very rarely found by themselves, they tend to travel in packs of 3-6-9 at a time. The larger packs appear foremost in the northern parts of the island, but Military Hunters can be found pretty much everywhere, even accompanying other Hunter types.

Weak spots include the fuel canister on it’s back, the attached weapon(s), possibly a Tick Canister and the two vents in the front, beside the head. These guys are armored war machines, have additional armour around the head and will take more punishment to take down. Armor-Piercing Ammo recommended against these guys.

Same tactics as before, disable it’s weapons and focus on weak spots. Due to their increased arsenal, they can deploy ranged ballistics such a sniping you (watch out for the laser sight), so keep on the move. Being in cover does not make you safe, as the impact of the Concussion Rifle deals small splash damage. They will also use their Tear Gas Launchers to flush you from cover. Use the environment against them whenever possible.

If you’re overwhelmed, try to improvise, tip the battle in your favour.

FNIX Hunter


Flechette Cannon
Concussion Rifle
Tick Pod (Military Ticks, armored)

Black, with red cables. The FNIX Class doesn’t mess around. I’ve seen these guys roam in large packs of 4-8-12 at a time, most notably in the northern areas of the island. But you can run into these guys just about anywhere on the main island, if you’re unlucky.

They employ the same weaponry as the previous classes, but their armour is tougher. Even .50 BMG rounds will bounce off these guys, unless you go for the weak spots which are thankfully the same. The FNIX Hunter is like the Duracell battery, it just keeps going… And going… And going… Until you kill it.

Add to that, the Flechette Cannon that’s unique to this type of Hunter, basically a huge shotgun that fires red glowing projectiles that attach to a target and explode. Pay attention to the cocking sound they make before firing, to anticipate their shots. A group of FNIX Hunters with the right weapon loadouts can be a nightmare to encounter.

Apocalypse Hunter


Cluster Grenade Launcher
Tick Pod (Apoc Ticks, armored, deals damage over time)
Irradiated Bayonet

Grayish green, with yellow cables and green glowing vents. These Hunters are specifically designed to kill humans, quell rebellions, oppress humanity, that sort. Their detection roar is unique, and they give off a constant droning sound effect to indicate that they are nearby. Mostly found on Himfjäll, but can also be encountered on the main island either alone, or in groups.

Their primary weapon is the shoulder-mounted Cluster Grenade Launcher, which is exactly what it sounds like. An airburst weapon that is launched in an arc, and covers a large area with explosives. This requires you to be constantly on the move, as one direct hit can often be enough to take away 80% of your health, if not instantly downing you.

If you get too close, it’ll burn you with it’s Flamethrower, a weapon with surprising range and spread, that’ll give you damage over time, that can fortunately be healed with a medkit.

It’ll also deploy Apocalypse Ticks that also do damage over time.

Probably the worst encounter you can have, out of all the Hunter classes, especially in larger groups.

The moment another Hunter gets added, I’ll update this again :slight_smile:


damn this is good report, if i can add one tiny thing , sometimes if i sprint strafing when they do the jump attack i can avoid them stabbing me , but it is not always successful.


Talk about a report lol. That’s insane man. I’m sure i’m not the only one who will appreciate all those details!

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@boston_51 totally agreed

These are all very useful hints, thank you so much about.
I would like to ask a couple of things more.
Cause my last encounter with 3 FNIX Hunters was tragicomic, I escaped from the F23 Overby air base to the closest safehouse for me, Asotungan Outpost. (Lvl 10 actually).

Is there any way to avoid the bayonet mount? I tried to hide behind big rocks always around the west side of the base, but they jump happily over and damage you with this attack.
Finally, is the Rivals and Experimental weapons DLC useful in fighting them or does it complicate things further? Thanks in advance.

Yes. Don’t get close.

Also, if you don’t shoot hunter’s weapons off and remain in medium range, they usually opt to use their range weapon instead, than running to you to stab you.

It helps since for the reward, you’ll get experimental weapons which are improved versions of regular weapons. For example: experimental AG4 gets incendiary rounds, that will set machines on fire and do lasting damage to machines for a short while. I’ve had countless of instances where machine has blown up when i wasn’t shooting at it and it was in fire and burning.

Though, down side is that you’ll get experimental weapons only from Rivals (RNG drop) and your character level needs to be 25 or above (since experimental weapons are end-game weapons). Plus side is that once Rival does spawn, it will be permanently marked on your map, so you know where it is and you won’t be accidentally running into one, if you’re not ready to fight it. And you can have several rivals at once as well, max 8 per region (and with 8 regions in game, total amount of rivals anyone can have is 64).

Oh, Rivals DLC also unlocks the Reaper - biggest and baddest machine there is. Reaper is end-game boss and you won’t be seeing it any time soon.


Plan -> Distract -> Attack

Coloured orange. Usually patrols the starter islands in single units, and up to four units in the Farmlands.
Deploys a .50 machinegun and bayonet.

You mean 7.62mm right? .50cal is the shoulder wapon

Always be on the move, listen (start running sideways when you hear the “yelling” if you don’t see the jumping Hunter).
If you are facing a Hunter head on and he is jumping do something counter-intuitive - run forward. This way he will jump over you and you will be able to turn around and hit his exposed fuel cell :wink:


This is definitely something to try :slight_smile: a good shot of .44 magnus close at his back shoud help the magic :slight_smile:
Thank you dude :slight_smile:

That’s very clear, thank you @Aesyle. :slight_smile:
I think i will avoid for now to activate that. -giggles-

No, the Hunter’s main machinegun is a 12,7x99mm, basically the eastern version of the .50 cal. It says on the side of the gun, though it’s mistextured so it says 2,7mm which makes no sense :smile:

The shoulder-mounted rifle is some kind of accelerated .50 gun, judging by the splash damage it does.

I forgot I made that post. With the changes to the game, I may have to update it, what do you guys think?


Yeah, it needs updates and corrections as well. E.g military hunter never had Explosive Flechette as main weapon. Only FNIX hunters carry that weapon.