Hunters and dogs in bunker coridors


Im sick of seeing not so spooky ticks in bunkers. Where is the real fear of the “what the hell is down here with me moment.” especially the air field underground. PERFECT place for dogs and hunters chasing you threw tight spaces. I feel its a lot of opportunities missed on good placement and a conclusion to the atmosphere


Totally agree. I know the zombie trope has been done to death but to have something killable but creepy in the interiors and stormy nights would definitely be fun… Ahh fun, I remember when developers just made games or modes that could be just fun. Incude an alien invasion mode and a zombie mode just for fun, have a prepper (zombiU style) on the radio asking you to recover items and data in order to be eventually rewarded with the extaction zone. Randomise the spawn, the item/data locations and the extaction point and the fill your gorgeous locations with engagable enemy types and you have endlessly replayable fun.


Hunters are like 4 meters tall and are really too big for those spaces.
I have found plenty of Runners in the bunkers already. Play the game further, you will find them. Believe me when you are fighting a fully armored Military runner with a rocket launcher in a closet it feels pretty intense. Maybe add another robot type instead.


I’ve also come across Runners and Hunters in the underground complexes too. Hunters only in the larger rooms that can accommodate their height. The Ticks are more annoying than anything, wish they included a baseball bat as a weapon especially for dealing with them when they fly at you :baseball:


Yeah, but…fix the enemy clipping into buildings, and I might agree with you. As you progress northward the enemies get stronger and more dangerous, so as a solo player I cannot just Rambo my way around a gunfight in the open areas. 2 Hunters spawning Ticks, and 7 rocket-firing Runners were extremely annoying, not counting the Harvester and Tank that showed up. I actually had to flee the battlefield from the big guys, as my resources were virtually exhausted killing the Hunters and Runners.

And now they are nefing the adrenaline loot amounts…oh, well.


Hi, I’m solo to so I’m also concerned about the devs desire to “make it more challenging” (a quote from this forum). I’ m a long way in myself actually so I hav come across bunkers bith bot types inside. I meant more like switching up the types of enemies in bunkers to keep the spooky vibe going in these dark, lonely areas.


i totally agree i play solo and it is already hard enough


The game needs to recognise when you are playing solo, and fix bots accordingly. Besieged in a house with a tank outside, .50 cals coming through the wall, five hunters stabbing you through solid walls, ten runners and ticks coming up the stairs and it’s tricky to find a way out, without dying and spawning somewhere else…


The problem is that the game is honestly really sparse on enemy types. Yes, each type has a bunch of variants, but they’re all pretty much the same mix’n’match case of pick a weapon and pick a chassis.


I’d only worry once they decide to spawn in a dozen hunter and a dozen runners in the bunkers.

As long as the bunker spawns don’t turn retard like I had yesterday by the church in the far west. (Dozens of military hunters, multiple military harvesters with military runner and extra hunter escorts. 1 military tank, and a swarm of never ending ticks.) As long as the bunkers don’t get that stupid, its fine.