Hunters and FPS drop on Xbox

Right now I am having a very difficult time with the hunters. The prototype hunters I can deal with but the classb hunters I believe are a pain to fight. Plus even when you are trying to run from the hunters they will follow for a very long time and still shoot at you and hit you while on the move. The bike in the game I ride still can barely outrun them. They have 6 ability’s which include (knife arm which even if you are a little close can still knock off 50 health, gas, two different types of canons, the shotgun they have that can stick to surfaces and explode, and the little robots that come out of them.) are very irritating. Plus the gas masks in the game don’t actually protect you they just lessen the damage. The hunters need to be toned down a lot just because of the frame drop I experience and how robots can go through walls if they are close enough to a house or building you are in at that time. Grenades still stick to my character when I try to throw grenades. This game is fun but would rather face two of the giant two legged robots than the giant human like hunters. I had to stop playing because every time I would fight one hunter there where probably 5-10 more behind it.

Hunters be like that. Try and get in close range target the gas launcher

I would but if I get within range they have small robots that they can produce and hit me with the sword.

From what I can understand You stay in place too much.

Move around, run, strafe, etc. - that’s the basics.

For more tips and tricks check this video:

Also I strongly suggest viewing more of @tene videos, because he’s got the subject covered :wink:


Cheers @0L0 :grin:

As well to add to this, lately hunters have been a little over aggressive since the latest update, so now a days its more important than ever to shoot the guns off em’ and get ready to hunter counter a few dozen times :smiley:

(if you’re unsure of what a hunter counter is, check my vids :wink:)

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Welcome to the game. As the others said, try keep on move, hide on houses or other estructures, don’t be surrounded and try different weapons to see what’s best for you.

About the little robots (ticks), know that there are players who have nightmares about these pests. Use flares to disperse them, after a while they will explode. But there’ll be always more of them…

Problem about all of this is is that shooting the guns causes me to need to stand still because I play on Xbox and if I fight multiple then my FPS goes to 5-15. And now I just found a barn that has those towers that come out of the ground to help you get in but didn’t know they are the only way into the barn.

A friend and me once had a problem with hunters too. It was in the mountain-region. We tried to destroy all rivals, but on our way we met (it felt like) hundreds of military-hunters. We had no chance just because of the great amount and their different types of weapons they attacked us with.

And finally the game crashed (PS5).

One more thing:
In my opinion the military version is much stronger than the fnix version just because of its automatic rifles. The exp. shotguns of the fnix versions just aren’t as accurate. I even have less problems with apocalypse versions…