Hunters are definitely (dis)functional

Why the hell am I supposed to believe these are “advanced detection” models of the machines when they don’t need OPV vision, they just shove their entire chassis into a wall and somehow starts spotting you. I’m literally stuck in this goddamned house because this hunter won’t forget I exist since he’s now a part of the house I’m hiding in. Please for the love of Asimov, fix this. Or at the very least add something to distract them since flares do it for a quarter of a second and fireworks do literally nothing.

Here’s his buddy shoving himself through the front window. He’s been holding the trigger for the last 10 minutes, hasn’t paused from shooting, nor stopped to reload or god forbid his gun overheating? You can see the bullets impacting the wall in front of me. If I leave the bathroom he’ll take the last of my precious health. And that damn sign next to me is a massive screw you because it says “It’s all part of the game.” Seriously? This is what you want to be part of your game?


Have you tried shooting the Hunter when it clips through the wall? Always works for me :wink:.

I do agree they need to fix this though.

Would do it mate, genuinely would. However he can shoot and kill me with his infinite ammo, ticks, and giving zero fucks about the concept of cover. His gun is clipping through too, I just didn’t get it in the screenshot since he kept moving

That is too funny not. :joy::joy::joy: have fun while all the robots body parts penetrates walls and kills you while you inside a house going about your day.

It’s worse cause I was running from them for 15 minutes, finally found a house and started losing them then one decided to shove his chassis in the wall exactly where I was hiding and never left me alone again.

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