Hunters jumping and instantly skewer you!


At least give a chance to deter/ward off the attack. Perhaps a dodge/roll? Cause jumping isn’t working. While fghting 5 hunters in solo. One or two shoots the dart, while one releases ticks all the while running-at/trying to flank me with the others. Once they’re in their range they pounce and skewer me like it was nothing.


I have been wanting a quick roll option since the beginning. It is possible to avoid it by running towards them as they jump but I rarely successfully pull it off.
also would be good for avoiding the Runner and Tick pounces


I actually had an instance of this recently where I fought Hunters at a church. I don’t have it recorded but basically we were both up against a wall and I ran away around the corner. The Hunter did it’s jump attack, cornered the wall in the air, and still hit it’s mark. It’s like it locks onto you, and there’s no way to dodge that. Sometimes I manage to avoid it by running to the side just before he lands, but if he’s in the air and you run to the side he’ll still hit you.


yup, done it a few times while in a panic but never in a controlled intentional way

recorded this during the Hunt the Hunters event, unfortunately I was reloading after and unable to take advantage of the opening it provided