Hunters should kick/throw stuff

A thought I’ve had recently is that it that Hunters often get stuck on stuff in the environment. So a subsequent thought was that it really would give players a greater sense of power if they were able to shove or kick obstacles to the side.
And then I thought… It’d be even better if they could do this to attack players. Just push one car aside, then grab another and throw it towards the player as an attack.

What do you think about implementing a feature like this?

When even ticks can fling dead tanks around, hunters should throw full houses at you :joy:


It would mean more physics would need to be added to the game which would be considerably annoying and hard to implement but in my mind a hunter carrying an entire car and throwing it is a little unrealistic considering that one arm is a gun and the other a sword. It is a neat idea but I just don’t think the throwing part would work.

I think just having the ability to damage or destroy most things is good though. I really would like the “Hide in the house” strategy to be balanced in a different way as you can literally stay there staring in a Hunters face and blasting away. The only real counter is Military hunters using gas which doesn’t really do that much to flush you out anyway. Things should be movable or destroyed. Eg Hunter crashing through a wall or destroying a bit of cover.

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This is similar to the case that people want vehicles and active terrain destruction, but the amount of effort that would be required to reprogram the entire game engine would be absurd and frankly not worth it because of how small the community is and they how wouldn’t be able to make the lost money back even after a year of paid Gun Packs and Cosmetics.

I just played the game and indeed, it seems that neither cars or anything is actually a physics object.

Biggest freely moving objects, besides the machines themselves, are wooden barrels. Those round ones, where you can jump into and crouch, to hide from the machines.

This one here: Did you know you can have movabel cover?