Hunters with gas and the gasmask

More often than not, you see/hear the gas and by the time you’ve navigated to the the correct menu it’s too late and you’re dead. Why is the menu system to put on a gas mask so clunky and unintuitive? And it’s no good saying to just keep it on all the time, the game is already a blurry mess without it.


I agree, but I’d like to add that gas masks should be an item in your inventory like the binoculars.

They should have varying degrees of quality. Realistically it should take someone 9 seconds to adequately put on & secure a gas mask properly.


I agree that the “Profile” section of the inventory could be made more intuitive and easy to use.

They should have varying degrees of quality.

Hell yes, that would be awesome! I actually do believe that it wouldn’t damage the game or anyone’s fun playing it if (maybe only certain) gas masks fully negated gas effects.


I wish they would work in the first place…

Different quality after that please.


my vangard is running one on his face full time i dont know if it helps him or any thing but its his style =)

Maybe it’s better to add one dedicated clothes slot for gas mask and activate it automatically when gas is detected? And deactivate when there is no gas (maybe 10 - 15 seconds timeout to prevent frequent switching).

So, any time i happen to be inside the gas, it is automatically placed on my face, lessening my view and changing my appearance? No thank you.

For that there should be an option to not to fill that slot (or clear it ):). Or some checkbox for auto use.

BTW, there can be different gas masks, for example half face masks (respirators), they can have worse gas protection but without dirty glass effect :slight_smile:

Respirators have poor defense even against germs, let alone having any defense against gas that can (and will) kill you.

While a dedicated slot in UI would be helpful, it is only helpful for those who use gas masks to reduce the incoming damage. I don’t use gas masks and i’d be stuck watching that useless slot on my UI, clogging things up.