Hunting rifle too loud with silencer

When shoots in headphones is really too loud… And dogs track you from 140m after first shoot… Think is bug

Xbox X console

Could it perhaps be due to a lower tier silencer? I haven’t made it into the mainland yet, but I’m imagining higher-quality silencers will work better? The dilapidated ones might just be old and used. Silencers IRL don’t last forever.

Same on ps4 level 3 silencer cant detect any difference between 1, 2, or 3 . So i went for The shotgun level 1 silencer (Grey one) is sooo quiet i would rather put a scope and silencer and long range ammo on me shotty than use the loud hunter rifle with same attachments , it might be a bug on certain silencers or not , more info from other players is probably needed to see what is what , thanks for the info.

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Autogaver 4 + silencer tier 2…dogs not detect me… And in headphones sound nice.

Rifle + tier 2 silencer= dog dented and too loud for ears in headphones.

Think is bug with rifle


Well u solved the silencer proplem with your earphones , now thats testing , haha , definitely the hunting silencer combo thats not working as should , new earphones then ._

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Very fun… In other games work good, and in game with other weapon work nice…

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