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What’s the difference between night vision and infrared?

IR helps you see through rain, smoke and fog, night vision does not. IR helps you see weak spots on machines, NV does not. IR still works without any light, NV does not.


With IR you can also see enemies easier behind vegetation.

I never use NV. It doesn’t help me in any situation.

Sometimes X-Ray is useful, too. But in general I use IR, if I use a vision of my full-vision-modules.


Maybe in dark tunnels NV would be useful but it’s lit distance is way too unrealistic. IR also doesn’t work as depicted in game. But as we all know, its far more useful in this game.

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Modern NV systems use both active and passive illumination. I’ve never tested it in game but I would assume that if you can’t see anything in a really dark area with NV goggles they must be some cheap russian knockoff.

The NV in this game is very impractical, IR is so much better.


In a totally dark bunker the NV does nothing, because it just amplifies what light there is, no light of any kind, dark still. Also, very sensitive to explosions or ammo that has flames white/green washes the whole screen. I forget when they are handy to use (NV) but when you have the all view (tank eye) play around with all the visions in different scenarios to see which gets you the best results.


In a totally dark bunker NV goggles should work entirely as intended unless… my earlier response.

We are all calling it the modern name of night vison but in game it is called low light vision. It amplifies light that is available, so a pitch black bunker hall, without any light, there is nothing to amplify, it would remain pitch black.


Night Vision in the game amplifies what light there is. So no light to amplify you can’t see with NV.