I am changing my profile pic wanna help?

I am going to be changing my profile photo what should it be?
I can’t think of anything if you wanna help you can paste a photo below or message me a photo idk but the profile photo is changing!

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You can change that? :laughing: I’ve had the same one for about 6 years now.
Maybe something game related? A picture of a GZ character wearing a tinfoil hat?

No idea what kind of avatar you might want. Me, I like the colour green, and I found an utterly rediculous picture of a stuffed fox so I combined those two. Pick something that you can relate to, perhaps. Something with a personal touch? :thinking:

I mean iris is part of the eye


Yes I intend on using that
Thank you

Alright everyone the profile has been changed hope you like it all

Here’s a nice one i found:

Bionic eye

Has both, the machine and human elements in it. But i do like the closed iris of Stargate as well (since i’m Stargate fan). :slight_smile:

So which should I use this one or that one?

The one you like the most. :wink:

But I like them both

To help you to decide, lets look what both of them represent:

  • Stargate with closed iris would tell others that you’re a big Stargate franchise fan, since you’re displaying the main piece of equipment in your avatar.
    I’m unsure how many would think that you picked that avatar just because it connects with your username. :thinking:

  • Bionic eye has deeper understanding and it’s hard to tell what or whom it represents. It could be that you’re a fan of cyborgs, or you showcase the symbiosis of human and machine, or you prefer blue-eyes. Etc. It has many meanings.
    But it would also connect better with your username, since the iris of it is nicely seen. :slight_smile:

In the end, it’s your avatar and you have the final say. :wink:

Edit: Or when you like both, how about this image, combining best of both? (I just created it in image edit program.) :grin:

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Good idea. Changed mine too. :wink:

Since i recognize people by their avatar 1st, it takes some getting used to with your avatar change. :joy:

@Aesyle that did of course cross my mind, and I apologize for the inconvenience! :wink:

My old picture was just a bit pointless…

It’s hard to find a good picture, but not as hard as creating a good username… That I am fully incapable of doing. :joy:

My main issue with username is, that often it is already taken and i have to come up with another one. :smiley: I’m not even going to mention what my Xbox gamertag is since after exhausting dozens of usernames i preferred, i had to resort into random generated one with string of numbers behind it. :confounded: (Stupid M$.)


I have two names really. Other than Iris

Oh and I found thishqdefault
Do you think that looks like the open Stargate?
Don’t mind the name at the bottom I just quickly opened up google and got an image