I am really dissapointed

I am dissapointed, they release a patch that should fix alot of bugs but instead they completely destroys the game for half the community, goes on holiday and spend the cash they got from a game that isnt even close to finished.

They SHOULD have someone monitoring the forums since no bugfix/patch/whatnot ever lands with a 100% successrate ever in any game.

Now alot of ppl cant play the game during the holidays, wich was and is actually when most ppl can dedicate themselfs to the game away from school/work.

It IS a great game, but bloody hell, dont piss on your customers man


I don’t agree at all. The game patched changed a lot especially with regards to game mechanics. I haven’t seen any of the issues other players have reported with regards to crashes and critical flaws.

The small dev team needs some time off in order to perform well during the upcoming weeks. Fixing bugs soon after launch isn’t always easy. You have been stressing for a few months to reach a deadline and then directly afterwards stress a patch out. By resting for a few days they will be able to solve the outstanding bugs easier.

They made it so it was impossible to play the game with Win 7/8, you HAD to buy win 10 in order to play and that will add 25 euro or up to 120 euro to the original price.
Wich make Generation Zero cost 60 euro or even up to 155 euro, that is a really high price for an unfinished product. On top of that, they dump the patch and ran off leaving ppl not being able to play for 4 days. Wich was optimal for some since some have jobs and some have school to attend to.

Lets say you bought a car and is all hyped for it, when you get it, you drive it for a few days then it just breaks down. Closer look shows the engine is made out of paper. They fix the car, put in a new engine and then goes on a 4-day holiday. You are happy again, but then you realize your key doesnt work, they have changed the ignition so you need a new key, but they are away and you cant get in touch with them until the four days are over. Happy Easter eh?

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