I can not play it

I can not play and I can not enter the game menu.
When you log in online (after the acronym APEX of the game engine) the game is blocked immediately. Help please I can not play from the big 9GB update.
I played it in Windows 7 but I had a not very powerful video card, I updated the graphics card to be able to use the DX12
and how Windows 7 is not compatible with DX12, I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro (64bits). everything was fine until the game was updated (April 17) From that day I can not play

PC Specs (if it helps in any way)

  • i5 4440 3.1Ghz (Quad Core)
  • AMD RX580 8GB
  • 8GB RAM DDR3 (Single channel 1866mhz)