I cannot loot an Robot Dog after i loot nothing? It´s normal?

Hi, i have killed a Robo Dog, after that i would loot them, but there was nothin to loot at him, i going after looking to loot to him out of the lootmenu, but after that i can not look at it again to loot? its normal?

Yes, it is my experience that it has become normal after the December update. It is fairly rare - one out of twenty perhaps - but I have had the same experience quite a few times now.

That´s but not normal

Well, even a runner can run out of rounds and other goodies. Or it could be damaged by the fire it received. I think it makes good sense. Seekers usually don’t give you loot either.

No, they are all Rocket Dogs! If there’s nothing on him when you look, he was firing rockets. One in five Rocket Dogs give you rockets - the rest are empty. I think it’s a bug, 'cos I’m always gasping to find enough rockets. Hey DEVs - fix that, eh? That’s not bloody right. they kill me more often than Hunteers do, and give nothing back. Should have two rockets.


Nothing but love, affection and their undivided attention. Rockets are temporary, the rocket dogs loyalty eternal. Maybe if you tried being friends with them instead they wouldn’t have to keep nudging you… :slight_smile:


This is cross-post reasoning and clearly flawed. In fact it tells me that you have read my other post and not loved me! I want you to know that your lack of “love-clicking” is a cruel and a hurtful thing and does you no credit. :neutral_face:


I have you loved sorry, see above posting

In another recent thread by Xogger, I have admitted to love too much and too many. So I have to prioritize, which I’m sure you understand, @Bootie. I only had one heart set aside for this thread and obviously that went to @Flick. Don’t be sad, @Bootie. I’m sure that someone loves you too :smile::wink:

Oh, sorry, @Bootie! I gave you a heart by mistake. It is fixed now … I took it back :joy:


I get alot of FMJ 9mm Sub ammo from FNIX-APO dogs, but I’ve had a few come up empty too. Its the way the game randomizes the loot. Think of it like “Not all risks bear rewards” :grin:

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Well, I have read your other post, verily. You’re eccentric, I like that. But the target of your affection was misguided, and as such my love went to another. Seekers I could understand as pets, but hacking runners? This is a dangerous game!

This is the tragic story of my life. I soldier on, but life is suffering.

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Normal? Yes.

Every machine/bag/box in the game, if it’s empty on first “search” OR when you’ve taken everything out of it, you can not re-open the already empty machine/bag/box. Loot bags/boxes respawn their content after 4 gameplay hours from the time they were first opened and there are plenty of machines around to get loot from them as well.

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They are so cuddly. Not.