I can't believe the Beta is over already

Well guys, I’m still shocked it has happened already, the Beta has ended. But from this Beta, we have all had the chance to test this awesome game and push it to its limits so that we can make the game better in the future!

I’m proud to say I got to be part of this awesome Closed Beta and I can honestly say I am 10x more excited for the full release of the game so I can get back into and find out more about the lore and story of the game!

In the interest of commemorating the Closed Beta I would love to see a video of you guys playing, it could be anything, finding a bug or having some fun with mates, if you have a video or two you would like to chuck into this hyper thread of all our memories of this game, please put them down below!

Here are links to the videos:

Crytical’s last moments: https://youtu.be/sMUKNflI5R0

Crytical’s favorite moment: (To be posted)

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Just received my beta code because it wasn’t on the insider hub of Xbox like you instructed, so just downloaded it & its over already, awesome… so I’m guessing the bulk of Xbox gamers who were interested in this game didn’t get to play, that may have an effect on your Xbox sales unless you can run another beta, a demo or pay extra to have a massive marketing campaign on Xbox… big shame.

Hi! Sorry you couldn’t make it in time. Actually those who didn’t have it active on Insider where those who had signed up AFTER the closing date for beta sign-ups (this was our mistake that this was even possible, due to a miscommunication a sin-up form was left open), so it was nowhere near the “bulk”, we have had lots of great feedback from Xbox players.

Again, sorry you couldn’t make it for this one, hopefully we have another opportunity for you to take part down the line sometime!


Hi, I played in the Xbox and it was amazing! Gutted the betas over :tired_face: Do I still need to keep the beta on my Xbox or can I delete it now?

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Thanks @Crytical for the kind thread. Its important that we be a non-toxic community who’s criticisms are only for the betterment of the game. No toxicity. I will smash play on your youtube video and share it with m twitch stream if that’s alright with you.

I installe the game 30 mins before beta was over. Is there going to be another beta wave?


Go for it :slight_smile:

cant wait for the full release

Would have been awesome if I could have played it, but the “cannot look around bug” prevented me from doing anything other than sitting in the starting area and strafing around. It certainly looked pretty, but…

check my sign up date, i signed up well before the closing date so what you just said is totally incorrect.

Feel free to PM me your email and I can check if you did indeed register your GamerTag with us in advance.