I cant inv friends

When me and my mate launch the game we can both go into separate games but when I go settings > multiplayer there’s no selection to invite my friend. Is there like a new way to invite people like shift + tab and do that because im not sure (PC)

The prompt to invite disappeared for me too. I was able to invite friends to my game by hitting “R” in the multiplayer menu while in-game. (ESC then hit R brings up the friends list where you can invite them)

Yeah the prompt disappeared. You still can hit R though to bring up the invite menu.

On ps4.
Recently had trouble inviting too.
Sometimes they just can’t join and it says things like player no longer in server and the other notice I can’t recall.
Other times it just won’t let me click on the invite button.

On Ps4 I’ve noticed that sometimes it can take 10-20 seconds before you can hit invite button after opening multiplayer menu.

And if they can’t join. Have them shut down the game and then accept the invite. By doing so the game will launch and hopefully take them to your world. It can take a while for it to load.