I cant play, the grafic effects gave me Headache

Please add options to turn off on some Effects!

Defs not answer, and now i refund the game.

That’s your option and your right but I’d like to point out that a request to add an option, especially on DAY 1 Release, isn’t going to net you those options immediately. And the Devs are currently busy addressing bugs/glitches/issues that launch has uncovered.

They’ll get to you and most like have seen this topic. But it’s only been two hours. Give them time. But if you’re that deadset on refunding because you weren’t catered to immediately then I wish you the absolute best and hope you find a game that doesn’t cause you health problems. Take care bud and game on.

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At the Steam Forum there want a screenshoot after this, no answer! Many Peoples have Problem with the Effects.

Yes, I don’t doubt that there are several people who have these issues as I, myself, have a hard time playing with Head bobbing on but I reiterate: Making a suggestion is all well and good but it doesn’t guarantee that your suggestion will make it into the game nor does it entitle you to demand, even implied, that they do what you’ve suggested no matter how many people you believe have these issues.

The Devs will take all feedback into consideration and will either say that something won’t be happening or will try to take that feedback and do something with it. But that is only at their own discretion and within both reason and ability. It also takes time. Not a single suggestion that a Dev considers implementing into the game happens instantaneously. It takes time and lots of effort which means lots of work, testing, then patching the game.

They are very busy working on fixes for things and that means that they’re not going to be eyeing the forums at all times. We have to have patience and give them as much time as it takes for them to get to a point in which they might be able to look at these topics/suggestions/comments/requests and then we have to be even more patient as they weight the pros and cons, and viability of what’s been said/asked of them. And then, on top of that, we have to be ever so much more patient if they do decide to implement anything that’s been suggested/requested because it’s going to take time to actually try to not only patch something into the game but also to ensure that it actually works.

I know it’s frustrating and upsetting but you have to understand that things take a lot of time, especially when the Devs are super busy working to fix other things. Give them a few days to work through their list of things they need to do and hopefully they’ll take a gander at this issue as well and maybe address it, okay?


Wait… so you lodge a complaint on their official forums…
And then two hours later you refund the game because you didn’t get a reply?

You so realize this isn’t an open phone line to the devs or anything, right?

Also, your post went out at around 2pm local time in Sweden.

The devs most likely go home at 5pm or so.

So, the fact that they missed your post in those 3 hours (in which they are very busy, I’m sure) made you refund your game?


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Give it some time, they are not actively ignoring anyone. The game just released and they are probably working on getting issues fixed as soon as they can. :slight_smile:

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Well, I guess this is goodbye lol. see ya :wave:

Me and my friend had the same problem that the game is to blurry. So eyes start hurting after like an hour. But there is a program called Reshade you can use untill devs fix it.

Guide: https://steamcommunity.com/app/704270/discussions/0/1849197902669806984/

Devs said its ok to use: https://steamcommunity.com/app/704270/discussions/0/1849197902669152289/

Did you turn off motion blur, I get effected pretty bad by motion blur but I turned if off at the start of playing and I’ve been fine.

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Yea, played around with the options, same thing :frowning: but I guess it will be solved later on.

Xbox has no motion blur options… it’s pretty bad.

Well its been nearly 2 years since this thread was created. And I dont see a response fron the devs. Mayhe I’m wrong. But I wanted to start that I like the game and play this on a xbox 1 x I’ll have to see if there is a was to turn off the blur effect in the settings. But my wife and I definitely get a headache from this. Even the next morning I feel like I’ve got a hangover. Lol. Especially with riding the bicycles. Would really love to see a response to this issue. Wanted this game to he something my family could play together. I see alot of people making criticisms to the original publisher and rightly so you have to give them time. However I’m here and I still isnt a fix to this 2 years later.

First of all - the person who created this topic didn’t specify which effects annoy him. We can only guess.

Did you find it? Motion blur can be disabled on PC, I don’t know about consoles…


Please don’t resurrect 2 year old threads. If you’ve got an issue related to the version of the game that is out right now, make a new bug report about it. Like @0L0 said, the problem wasn’t specified, so make sure to include all the details.

Locking thread :lock: