I caught a irl scammer on gz

I for real heard a dude scamming someone on game chat.

For anyone on Xbox with spare time, report this man.

I got him comm ban. And have reported all messages.

I believe you are clearly violating forum rules here by collectively “reporting” a single player without clear evidence. The chat is too imprecise in this case. There is too much room for interpretation and is therefore to be understood as a joke. (even if it’s a sick joke)

@GhostMJ is right. Naming and shaming isn’t the way to go, there are too many unknowns.
You’ve reported the person, so that’s on Microsoft to investigate.

I’ve removed the attached screenshots.


Fair enough, it wasn’t solid evidence, but he was talking in game chat and he was just laughing nervously everytime I said something about it.

He was a dirty scammer. Either way.

If you are smart there is no way to loose something from a scam inside GZ.
Before making any deal regarding items or weapons save your save game data to a USB flash drive or the cloud, and only then make any kind of deal.
If you receive nothing, exit game and reload your “old save data”.
Thats it, you lost nothing, only a bit of time.