I did try the new Guerilla, I really tried

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Yep cheating enemies are not what we need and want.

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It doesn’t nullify the argument.

For example, from zappa_lot’s video, i catched the red targeting light as soon as 1st proto runner was placed inside the house. It is visible in the video for a split second. But based on the actions seen from video, zappa_lot didn’t catch that hint.

Question here is: are you choosing not to hear anything (since some people like to listen their own music and/or are engaged in team speak that masks the game SFX) or there is no SFX sounds of machines to be heard?

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Thats not the point. Machines that appear inside a cleared house are just a huge screw up and that bug should be fixed asap.

If the devs dont want us to hide inside houses, then call in artillery strikes now and make all inworld objects destroyable. Would be fun to blow up houses and trees etc.

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That’s something I think everybody can agree on. I don’t mind if Machines can detect us through walls, but they shouldn’t be able to walk through closed doors and phase through walls when they’re not in direct line of sight.

@zappa_lot I’ve edited your post. You’re welcome to play the game how you want, but come on.
Don’t discuss cheats and trainers on the forums.


Yes, it is an issue, well known as well.

If you’re interested on how i deal with this issue, you can check it from my vid here: Guerrilla Difficulty is fine Solo

Either watch from the beginning or skip to 4:50. Latter is the time when two hunters decided to pass through walls and get into my barn.

The arument @Aesyle is trying to make isn’t denying that there is an issue, only how to attempt to work around it in-game.

And with that, I’m locking this one up. If you can’t abide by the Code of Conduct, don’t bother posting.

The issue of Machines clipping through walls is an acknowledged and documented issue.
We don’t need another topic about the exact same thing.

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