I dont have three main missions in my log



Where to pick up this quests:

  • Behind the Curtain
  • The Enemy of my Enemy
  • A Wrench in the Works

I cant see them in my log, and I have no missions to do when I look in my log, everything is completed in my log. But I cant see the mission I wroted above.

I have allready completed the quest: Radio Silence and I can see that quest as completed in the log.
And I can not picup any quest from bunker warboards on Vesslan, Minken, Sorken, Mården, Uttern, Skvarden or Hermelinen.



Heyo, these glitched missions seemed to appear after the August update, though I’m not entirely sure when. There wasn’t time to work it out for the September update but the devs are on this issue and they’re aiming for the end of October to figure this out.

Some people report that it may be possible to aquire the missions if you play co-op with someone who has them already. Bit of a slim chance but it’s all I’ve got for now :thinking: