I had guns and they just disappeared into thin air

I was just sorting out my inventory and switching around guns to use when all of a sudden 4 of my guns went missing! I was using the storage box and when I transferred one gun to the inventory box a whole bunch just disappeared into thin air from my “gun wheel” you could say. I don’t have footage of it taking place but I have footage showing that there was guns with their ranking and all that but they are just gone. Not in inventory not anywhere. I also lost a considerable amount of ammunition for all the guns that disappeared. I cannot attach the videos to this post as I’m using my phone but would happily send via email to show you this. I spent so long grinding to get those weapons and for them to just disappear really sucks. I am using a PS4 and was on a multiplayer lobby of my own playing by myself.

I would have guessed that you pressed “move all in category” instead of “move” … So every weapon of the category went to the storage, including attached attachments and ammo.

Take a look at the plundra, maybe check if there are any filters active, too.

Just an idea.

Hey that ks for the idea, double checked and nope it was not your idea. Plunder has all the things I already had in it. No filter was on. I really hope they know how to recover my weapons because this sucks so much. Pretty much ruined my enjoyment and experience on this game.

No way.
If it’s gone and you don’t have a backup of your safegame file, it’s gone.

Your kidding… dammit. I am not putting in the grind I just did all over again for those weapons. That super disappointing, I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

What are you expecting?
If they aren’t there, no matter why, they are gone.
And that’s been saved.

I never lost anything from my inventory due to a bug, but others did…or said they did… There are many ways to lose stuff, but most are user related.

One great cause was deactivated a long time ago. Dropping it accidently into a loot container.

Idk how it happened man, I was just standing right Infront of an inventory box in a safe house I didn’t even move anything over I just exited the transfer to storage screen it made a weird sound and weapons gooone.